About Spring Water Farms' Pasture-Raised Beef

You’re Just Gonna Love It!

So what’s the big deal with Pasture-Raised?   Have you been to your favorite steak restaurant or grocery store, for that matter and been somewhat disappointed in the flavor?   Something just seems not what it used to be?    Simple answer…  feed lot beef!  That’s right, we said it.  Feed lot beef doesn’t get the naturalness the earth and sun supplies if they’re couped up like…    well, chickens!   :  )

   At Spring Water Farms, it’s very important to us that all of our cattle are very well cared for and raised in a natural, healthy environment.  Our herd has a constant availability of mineral lick block, salt block, sulphur block and natural granular minerals for their consumption.  Our pastures are abound with trees for shade during the heat of the midday summer sun, offering a comfortable setting for our herd to chew their cud.  Plenty of under-roof cover is also available during inclement, cold and snowy winter weather conditions.

We take pride in offering high quality and local home grown beef for our customers.  You won’t find added preservatives, animal by-products, hormones or growth enhancing antibiotics in our beef.  Instead, we prefer to offer a more desirable and natural grass-fed product and only add a healthy grain just prior to harvesting for the enhancement of the beef’s flavor and marbling.  Grass-fed beef has a much higher  omega3:omega6 ratio than grain-fed beef, as well as being leaner overall.  We also dry-age our beef prior to trimming for superior tenderness and flavor.  Lean, juicy, and robust with flavor, your family will taste and appreciate the difference every time!  Locally Owned and Managed – Healthier for your Family!

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we prefer not to compete with other countries that can use chemicals that are banned in the US!  Yet, they are able to ship their food into our country creating a disadvantage for our farmers here in the states.  Instead, support your local farmers here in North Carolina and choose to buy local whenever you can.  Yes, we know it costs a little more for this kind of healthy, flavorful meat but we know what happens with our beef that are humanely raised under our watch so you know what you are getting.  High quality 100% beef with no middle expense, inspected and USDA certified packaged at a federally licensed facility.  Moreover, we are right here, available and convenient to you!