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Family – Corporate – Fund Raising

Gifts to Celebrate Life Events, Favorite Sayings, Greetings, House Numbers, Garden Markers, Memorials, Paperweights, Bookends, More!

custom carved stone!

beautiful, durable & PERMANANT!

Weddings  –  Celebrations  –  Anniversary  –  Birth  –  Promotional  –  Pet Memorials  –  Commemorative

custom order your stone
right here at the farm house!


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A CREATIVE LEGACY – Brick engraving serves as a permanent celebration of staff, students, congregation, investors, friends, family, groups, more and provides a living legacy that lasts many years.

Whether you need one or to build a wall with a thousand or more, Engraved On Stone can fill the order!

Organizations such as churches, schools, civic groups and more find engraved bricks to be a great fundraising campaign.  A commemorative brick program can grow one brick at a time on courtyards, gardens, walkways and walls.  When it is complete, your project will honor those special people and events for years to come!

pricing is per size:

‘Standard’ Stone is standard stock art and text only.

‘Custom’ Stone is any stone engraved with a logo or custom art.

PRICING GROUP 1 – (Standard $45  –  Custom $55.)

4-7″ Smooth River Rock  OR  Brick

PRICING GROUP 2 – (Standard $65  –  Custom $75.)

7-14″ Smooth River Rock  OR  12-14″ Flat Stone

PRICING GROUP 3 – (Standard $85  –  Custom $110.)


PRICING GROUP 4 – (Standard $145.  –  Custom $175.)


PRICING GROUP 5 – (Call for pricing on large items, pricing will vary)


CONTACT US  for other custom or personalized stone engraving and more!  Do you have questions or comments?  Do you have a special stone engraving request, big project or other item in mind that you don’t see on our site?  We will probably engrave it for you!  We have years of great customization experience with stone in all shapes and sizes and remember;  you can always come over and visit us at the Farm House in Huntersville, NC to talk to us in person!